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The Grip®

With 67 years of Law Enforcement experience behind it, Restraint System Technologies, created and designed The Grip® soft restraint system for use by Law Enforcement Officials.

The Grip® restraint system creates a new standard in restraint technologies by combining an encapsulated lock with an injury reducing material unlike metallic cuffs. The overall design of The Grip® creates a restraint system which is more humane in both performance and appearance.

"Designed to mitigate security risks in the transportation of prisoners," The Grip® allows for multiple applications of restraint uses unlike other systems that fundamentally serve a primary purpose only. This adaptability allows for an even higher level of security and safety not afforded by other restraint system products.

Another unique aspect of "Grip®" system is that a secured prisoner NEVER has to be unsecured for any reason. The system's waist belt affords the corrections officer flexibility in where to originally place a prisoner's wrist(s) on the belt, and never has to compromise security when moving the wrist(s) to another location or area on the belt. Therefore, maximum security, and safety, is maintained throughout any transportation or detention scenario.

The Grip® system

Ankle Restraints


Ankle Restraints

The Ankle Restraints are designed as a one size fits all system. In addition, the locking belt from the Belt system can be used as a leg hobble when it is attached to the center of the ankle restraints.


Wrist Restraints

Wrist restraints
The wrist restraints offer a one size fits all system that drastically reduces the metal to skin contact of traditional cuffs.

Adjustable Belt System


Waist belt with adjustable restraints

The Belt system allows the secured wrists to be repositioned without having to unsecure the prisoners' hands.


Fixed Belt System

Fixed Belt System A variation of the "moveable" wrist restraint system in that a prisoner's wrists are secured at a "fixed" position on the waist belt for short haul transports.

Extendable Wrist Reatraints

Extendable Wrist Restraints Allows restricted mobility while the inmate or patient is still restrained. The arms can be extended or retracted back to the hip position as well as any discretionary position in between.

Waist Belt / Hobble

Waist Belt / Hobble 58 1/2" strap with locking buckle. Secure ankles together to eliminate damage to squad car interiors. Restricted, but controlled walking waist to ankle hobble.

Waist Belt with D-ring

Waist Belt With D-Ring Our standard transport belt with a 2" D-ring in front for typical handcuffing.

Adjustable Transport System

Adjustable Transport System

A set containing adjustable wrist restraints and ankle restraints for prisoner transport.


Fixed Transport System

Fixed Transport System A set containing fixed wrist restraints and ankle restraints for prisoner transport.

Medical Bed Restraints (4 point)

4 point medical bed restraint A 4 point restraint system that attaches securely to various beds for restraint of persons during medical procedures.

Medical Bed Restraints (6 point)

6 point medical bed restraint system A full 6 point restraint system that attaches securely to various beds for restraint of persons during medical procedures.

Ambulatory Pad Set

Ambulatory Pad Set
Comprised of padded wrist and ankle wraps, the set affords comfort and safety during periods of restrained movement. Accommodates restraining prisoners prone to self mutilation and mentally challenged individuals for extended period of time.

Wrist Restraint Pouch

Wrist Restraint Pouch A durable water repellent nylon bag with draw string closure and hook strap for protecting "The GRIP" restraint system.

Hand Restraint Mittens

Hand Restraint Mittens Hand restraint mittens designed to work with wrist restraint to prevent subject from obtaining objects that could be used as weapons and smuggling of items during transport.

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